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discovery plus Norge
discovery plus Norge
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discovery+ samler innholdet fra noen av Norges, og verdens, største TV-kanaler. Strøm dine favorittserier, spennende dokumentarer og sportsrettigheter i verdensklasse.
Heisenbell 12 timer siden
I listened to this a lot on repeat as a kid and I’m a furry now so that explains it
i am a cockatiel.
i am a cockatiel. 13 timer siden
Finally. I know what does the fox says. *EvErYtHiNg*
AZTEKOFFICIAL 14 timer siden
What the fuck say
Nathaly Diaz Pinedo
Nathaly Diaz Pinedo 15 timer siden
enserio nadie habla español pero me gusto esta cancion
Enrique Vicente
Enrique Vicente 15 timer siden
The song is good
❤Michael❤ 15 timer siden
This came out when i was born...
❤Michael❤ 13 timer siden
@Capman Ikr
Capman 14 timer siden
vedant 15 timer siden
i miss when this was internet
Cathy peterson
Cathy peterson 16 timer siden
Yes some scream real scary.
Akbarrel Yeshua
Akbarrel Yeshua 16 timer siden
Google 👉 Wu Tang Radio
raph 16 timer siden
one of the most nostalgic songs of my childhood hit 1 billion views :)))
Samantha Vaccaro
Samantha Vaccaro 16 timer siden
Childhood memory unlocked:
Ze Epic Gamer
Ze Epic Gamer 17 timer siden
But what does the horse say?
Popejoy Fam
Popejoy Fam 18 timer siden
Ding dinh
Lacey Barker
Lacey Barker 18 timer siden
silentinblack 19 timer siden
damn I remember when this was a trend before and most people all over the world posted their videos of this song yeah those were the days
silentinblack 19 timer siden
damn I remember when this was a trend before and most people all over the world posted their videos of this song yeah those were the days
Hyper sonic chao
Hyper sonic chao 20 timer siden
At 1:05 you can see the terror in little timmys eyes
Antonella Luehmann
Antonella Luehmann 20 timer siden
Ridine Makiona
Ridine Makiona 20 timer siden
I like you song
Joe Mayes
Joe Mayes 20 timer siden
Sam Hill memorial is the planet's real Stonehenge it's been there for thousands of years wekipedia is a story about it that is an outright lie do alternative research you will definitely see the same while you're at it look up mud flood and Star forks it's time to wake up people
Levi Svensen
Levi Svensen 20 timer siden
Skjønner du?
Johnny Vincent
Johnny Vincent 20 timer siden
This is the most random inane video, but very creative.
SrNerdTiiOw _Dog
SrNerdTiiOw _Dog 21 time siden
Mano eu escuto essa música dês dos meus 8 anos observação eu tenho 15 🙈🙉🙊
Rose 21 time siden
starcluster 21 time siden
the best one is tchof tchof tchof tchof tchof
Alyssa Davidson
Alyssa Davidson 21 time siden
Okay, so what's the backstory for this one?
Anusuya Chatterjee
Anusuya Chatterjee 21 time siden
The fox the just talked and stand up the actual fox of the video
I hate this now. Cuz Furryz
Terrarizer 21 time siden
I think they had 1 too many alcohol in that furry party 😂
Ghulam Rabani
Ghulam Rabani 21 time siden
Topbladers Only
Topbladers Only 21 time siden
Danish adya
Danish adya 21 time siden
Lagu serigala
Jericho 22 timer siden
You should restate that
This song was ridiculous when it came out, it's ridiculous now, and I laugh my ass off every single time I hear it
Naima Abbad
Naima Abbad 22 timer siden
First 😎 1 9 second
Yuki Yuki
Yuki Yuki 23 timer siden
Still love it 🦊💖
Sarah Bridges
Sarah Bridges 23 timer siden
Kidding aside, the reason this is so popular is because those guys can actually sing. 2:27 onwards is when it slowly turns epic
Daniel Walters
Daniel Walters 23 timer siden
Forgotten Gems
Mark Boileau
Mark Boileau 23 timer siden
Wow listening back to this I've just realised how annoying yet catchy this verse is
Edwin Choo
Edwin Choo 23 timer siden
ZINGO Dag siden
Norske Task Master
Betty Lynn Jackson
Goldie Hawn was so sweet thank you for the good morning and the sun fall and wake up each morning ....
BY LD Dag siden
Minymo Horse
Minymo Horse Dag siden
discovery plus Norge
Forbrytelsene som rystet Norge på discovery+: bit.ly/ForbrytelseRystetNorge
Mohd Khair
Mohd Khair Dag siden
what the hell why the fox say that nonsense
How did this get 1B views
OverSub Dag siden
Oh my god my kindergarten is all coming back, this gives me memories. I'm not crying you are.
Turb Hoe
Turb Hoe Dag siden
You're going to cringe at this comment later on in life
Mr nice guy
Mr nice guy Dag siden
the greatest furry convension ever
Armenis ARMENIS Dag siden
What the fox say?
碗碗是bink Dag siden
very happy🤣🤣
悪魔 ;-; 神秘
I remeber this
Kuku Ni
Kuku Ni Dag siden
And why does it sounds like he is singing something motivational with great emotions......
Colleen Moon
Colleen Moon Dag siden
It’s a civic, a car you can trust
Song Bird 🐦
Song Bird 🐦 Dag siden
@my twin foxy
Mark Moulder
Mark Moulder Dag siden
And we still wonder where furries came from
Pamela Inocencio
Lol I love this song
Master Gaster
Master Gaster Dag siden
This is a furry moment
Pablo Ariel Gonzalez Giana
+5492995881334 ppl who actually understand this write me. We can make a really cool group. 🤣
PhishPhan39 Dag siden
Pretty sure it says "just show me the carfax."
Obsidian Limitless
Still popular after 7 years
unknown Dag siden
😱😱😱😱😱😱 1blion
Marlan Jn. Baptiste
Needs more dislikes
Vinicius Fernandes
Como essa MSC te 1bi ????
Matheus Moreno
Matheus Moreno Dag siden
Alguém em 2021? XD
Caio M
Caio M Dag siden
pior q tem
Thimo Dag siden
What song is the melody based on? I'm thinking coldplay/linkin park
Badrawings Dag siden
2:23 you ok grandpa?
Badrawings Dag siden
Who else agrees that this is the most furry song, ther for the best song?
Marco Farfan tupa
Llevo años buscando este tema 👁️👄👁️
Ranzel clyde Isidro
If you touch foxes they sound like a human laughing
Olafs Osh
Olafs Osh Dag siden
You ARE a Star. [2021]
Aether Gaming
Aether Gaming Dag siden
I’m views
BDMKoi Dag siden
Here in 2021
anxliaxcore Dag siden
this made me cry because i haven't heard this song since i was 6 with my dad. :(